Bit Error Rate Tester

Bridging the Information Gap

Each Tektronix Bit Error Rate Tester delivers unprecedented flexibility and performance to help compress
your product development cycles and reduce verification testing costs. Quickly and confidently identify errors
in digital bit streams with these highly advanced test and measurement instruments.


BERTScope® BSA Series Bit Error Rate Testers

A new approach to signal integrity measurements of serial data systems,
combining the confidence of a BERT and the insight of an Oscilloscope.


BERTScope® CR Series Clock Recovery Instruments

The flexibility and accuracy you need for compliance measurements in    
conjunction with Bit Error Rate Testers and Sampling Oscilloscopes.


BERTScope® DPP Series Digital Pre-emphasis

Processor takes in single-ended inputs of data and clock and condition   
the signal by adding controllable amounts of pre-emphasis for use with
a Bit Error Rate Tester.


BitAlyzer® BA Series Bit Error Rate Testers

Addressing signal integrity and BER issues faced by designers of
sophisticated electronic and satellite communication system designs